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Emotion Code

It was a really good experience and I did feel a lot of release each time and waking up this morning not swollen was great!

(Emotion Code Session)

Angela S

I know you're busy, but I just wanted you to let you know that I slept 8 hours last night for the first time in probably 3 or 4 solid months, I feel like a new woman! The knee isn't perfect, but is so much better, my back did better last night too. Your loving spirit combined with your intuitive knowledge & the treatment are an amazing blend of healing. You are truly gifted & I thank the Great Holy Creator for the blessing of you. See you again soon, thank you!!!

 Donna Tidwell

I can't say whether it was Dr Kat's AMAZING ozone treatment; her pet communication Into EXACTLY what was so troubling; her Reiki energy 'adjustment', or Dr. Kat's extra tender 'bedside' manner that possessed my Maine Coon cat  Sweetie Pie to escape from her carrier and retreat BACK Into the treatment room where she CLEARLY wanted more of, most likely all of the above! What I can say is that after Steve and I were able to corral my reluctant cat back into the carrier, she recovered remarkably fast-- and she had been unable to bear weight on her front paw for 2 days prior to her "treatment"!  But immediately AFTER her "treatment" she was able to scurry around the pet store and the treatment room on all fours quickly enough to exhaust 2 perfectly healthy adults! Miracle or Magic? Only Merlin can say for sure  



Tahoka, TX

I have had 11 ankle surgeries to the same able. I'm sure you can imagine the swelling, pain and damaged tissue.  Last year I finally had an ankle fusion, then found out about Kat's ozone treatment. When it was possible to have this ozone treatment I experienced relief and swelling was much better after 1st treatment. If you have tried drugs and shots and still in pain, please try the ozone treatment. It's worth every dime you will spend. What do you have to lose? Just maybe a natural way to get well.


A dedicated customer,

P Kenmore

Hi Kathleen!

Just wanted to thank you so very much for your cold laser treatments on my neck. I was in such pain that I could not turn my head and in only two days of treatments I was so much better. Now I can move my head up and down as well as from side to side! Just can thank you enough for your help!



Good Morning

I don't normally do this type of thing but ... after the treatment I received in your office I have felt amazing. I have had a smile on my face and for some reason can not stop.

(Emotion Code.Body Code Session)

T. R.

Hi Kat,

I wanted to let you know that when Raider and I went to the park this evening he ran more than he usually does. Also he seemed to be enjoying it more. At least for today that laser was a youth restorer.

Thank you!

(cold laser session)


After 20 years as civil service employee I sustained a severe knee injury and 5 surgeries and series of injections. I was forced to retire because of knee injury.  My knee had pain of and on. One day my wife Janie was going to see Kat for her sinus. She asked even if I wanted to go with her to see Kat Morrow to get Ozone treatment on my knee. I very skeptical! But I decide to give it a try. To my surprise went in with knee pain and left with no pain!  It's been a week and my knee is pain free!


Fabian Galvan

I was told that I needed a total knee replacement. The first device failed requiring another surgery to remove the first implant and replace it with another one. Despite intensive inpatient and outpatient physical therapy as well as many alternative methods, scar tissue formed causing chronic pain, stiffness

and limited mobility.

Fortunately, Kathleen Morrow suggested ozone immersions which, unlike traditional remedies, are painless, brief, have no harmful side effects, and treat the cause instead of just the symptoms. My pain decreased by 50% following the initial session.  After several weeks, the extreme edema that plagued me every few months in both legs disappeared and has never returned. I strongly recommend ozone treatments for anyone with chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, and other maladies.

Kathleen is an amazing person - gentle, kind, highly skilled and extremely intuitive. I believe much of my healing was due to her genuine concern and strong, positive intentions. I am so grateful that I was divinely led to Kathleen, who is very knowledgeable in not only ozone therapy, but other natural remedies for many harmful conditions affecting the body, mind and spirit.

     Sherry Mead

     Lubbock, Texas


I have been feeling much happier and physically more comfortable since our session. I feel like I'm walking taller and with more confidence

(Emotion Code/Quantum Field Coherence Technique)

T. C.


I was going to tell you that I have problems on and off for a few years now being able to take deep enough breaths in able to yawn. Figured it was related to the damage to my diaphragm and scar tissue inflammation at times.  I have been having more satisfying yawns since yesterday.

(Emotion Code/Quantum Field Coherence Technique)


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